Getting to Know “Straight Friendly” Psychotherapist Adam Maurer

Adam Maurer
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In this week’s Tell Me About Yourself, we’re celebrating Austin-based psychotherapist Adam Maurer, LMFT, LPC, who self-describes as “straight friendly.” Pretty awesome, I know. Check out the interview below!

How would you describe your job to a 3-year-old (okay maybe a 15 y/o)?

I create a safe, supportive environment for folx to confront the challenges life has given them while helping them access their own tools to successfully address those issues.

What inspired you to get into your field?

I came out in therapy when I was 20 and realized how powerful the relationship can be, so I was inspired to help other folx have similar experiences.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Being a therapist is bittersweet. If I do my job well I talk myself out of a job. I help people build a support [system] outside of therapy and then they are better able to cope with the chaos of life. I love seeing people launch after treatment.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Educating people with compassion, there are many harmful myths about relationships, sex, love, and gender. My role is often to gently help people challenge their preconceived notions with empathy.

What 3 words would your clients use to describe you?

Authentic, Compassionate, Openminded

Why do clients love working with you?

Folx love working with me because I challenge the common place and encourage them to live a life worthy of them. I offer kindness with a dash of salty firmness, and just a hint of humor. I see therapy as a collaborative process, and I work with clients to tap into their own power to create change.

What advice would you give to people to advocate for themselves with their health care providers (aka you)?

Shop around and make sure your psychotherapist is a great fit for you. Someone might take your insurance or be close to your office, but those conveniences might not lead to the results you’re hoping for, so invest wisely. Too many people have come to me because I specialize in relationships that are more than monogamous and other clinicians did not know how to work with them. Well-meaning professionals who just weren’t a great fit.

To learn more, check out Adam’s website and Instagram!

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