15 Black-Owned Businesses to Up Your Sex Game Right Now

black-owned sexuality businesses
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Shop these Black-owned businesses to bring some reinvigorate your sex life. You’re welcum.

1. Afrosexology

Founders: Rafaella Fiallo and Dalychia Saah
Website: afrosexology.com

The St. Louis-based duo, Rafaella and Daylchia, founded Afrosexology, a sex education platform that presents curriculum-based education about multiple topics in human sexuality and promotes sex-positivity around the narratives and liberation of the Black community. Growing up, Rafaella and Daylchia did not get the sex education they felt they deserve, so they ultimately decided to create the kind of sex education that they wanted to see in the world

2. Anya Lust

Founder: Krystle Kotara
Website: anyalust.com 

Curated collections of luxurious lingerie, robes, and nightwear aren’t always easy to come by, but Anya Lust’s intimates are accessible for all. Launched in 2015, this sensual lingerie store has a team of passionate designers around the world who work with expert seamstresses throughout England, France, and beyond, using the finest lace and silk to create silhouettes that flatter the female form. Though based in New York, they include shipping across the US and to over 200 countries around the world. In addition to alluring lingerie, their website offers online classes for those who desire to embrace their sensuality through yoga and tantra. 

3. Ardentley

Founder: Tatiyanna Shirley
Website: ardentley.com

Ardentley is a sexual wellness company that encourages a fresher sense of identity and sexuality. Much like the meaning of the word “ardent,” Tatiyanna is passionate using her company to increase sexual enlightenment in the community through an array of sex toys, ranging from clitoral sucking stimulators to durable cock rings and shameless kinky accessories. Ardentley prides itself in selecting non toxic-materials in order to keep your play time fun and safe.

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First and foremost ALWAYS lubricate. Unlike the vagina the rectum does NOT have a natural lubricant. Lack of lubrication can lead to hemorrhoids, bleeding, and tearing. Now that lube is covered, A great way for you and or a partner to start is by exploring anus play, by rubbing over the anus with a finger or tongue or by sticking a finger inside. This can help you get familiar with the possibly new sensation. It’s important to be relaxed in this situation as the sphincter tightens when tense, which can cause tearing and pain. Mindset is important here, trust is important here. If you are playing solo don’t be disappointed if you didn’t go as far as you wanted, pace yourself, no one is watching. If you are with a partner create a safe word and take it slowwww. REMINDER: If you are the one doing the penetrating continue to check in, YOU are in the position to make sure this stays safe and consensual. After you’ve gotten comfortable move up to anal plugs, this will help stretch your rectum and give you that full feeling allowing you to once again let your body adjust to these new sensations. Using anal beads is a GREAT way for you to get familiar with depth. Make sure your anal toys have a BASE. This will prevent toys getting stuck inside! Once you’re comfortable with toys and fingers moving onto phallic shaped toys or a penis is the next step! Woohoo! HYGIENE TIPS: NEVER go from anal to vaginal play. Wash your penis, toys, or hands after or you WILL risk infection. For easy clean up empty your bowels hours before anal play and wash your anal area thoroughly with with soap and water. For deeper cleaning use a water enema a few hours before anal play. You do NOT need a lot. Use gloves for your hands (reminder if you use latex gloves, oil based lubes will wear them down). Use condoms for your penis or phallic shaped toys. Use a dental dam for tongue to anus play. Accidents can still happen so if it does don’t panic, be mindful that this could happen before agreeing to anal sex. Barriers make clean up easier, if you didn’t use any barriers wash up and shower. Remember this is a very human response.

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4. b condoms

Founder: Jason K. Panda
Website: bcondoms.com

After nine years of studying law at Morehouse College, CEO and founder, Jason K. Panda, was compelled to fulfill a need in the community for improving sex wellness. Enter, b condoms, the only Black-owned condom company, providing all-natural, FDA-approved rubber latex condoms free of parabens and other toxic ingredients. b condoms also helps reduce health disparities with sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancy.

5. Bedroom Kandi

Founder: Kandi Burrus
Website: bedroomkandi.com

Kandi Burrus developed an Empire known as Bedroom Kandi, selling award-winning, body-safe sex toys with organic and vegan options. Bedroom Kandi also has a party-hosting feature where people can meet in person or virtually to learn more about which pleasure products on the Bedroom Kandi sex toy line work best for them, receive special discounts, get the inside scoop on how to successfully join the field of the business of pleasure, and engage in activities that help promote sexual wellness and education. 

6. Bedtanicals

Founder: Ashley Cobb 
Website: bedtanicals.com 

Bedtanicals is a CBD Sexual Wellness Company, founded by Sexpert Ashley Cobb. The CBD-infused pleasure-enhancers are used to give people’s sex lives a boost, especially amid concerns related to performance anxiety and pain in the bedroom. You can find options including but not limited to arousal oil, massage oil, and edible body butter. The overall mission of Bedtanicals is to “provide products that help promote self-care, foreplay and painless sex to people with vulvas and vaginas and their partners.” 

7. blex

Founder: Toneisha Friday
Website: blexapp.com

Founded by Toneisha Friday, Blex is the first and only mobile app – available on iOS and Android – providing sex and relationship coaching for Black adults. The mission behind Blex is to create products and solutions that empower Black people to feel invigorated about discussing their sexual health, lead a healthy sex life, and openly flex their sexual curiosity. As an added bonus, Blex Technologies include the blexBox, a melanin-mindful, curated box service delivering a batch of new sex products each quarter.

8. Confessions of Millennial MILFS

Founders: Ashley White and Tiffany Streat
Website: anchor.fm/millennialmilfs

Founded in 2020, Confessions of Millennial MILFS is a (weekly/bi-weekly) podcast where Tiffany and Ashley get on their soapboxes and tell their audience exactly how they feel about relationships, sex, health, parenting, sisterhood, and asserting their melanin in corporate America. As avid podcast listeners, Tiffany and Ashley realized that although there were plenty of podcasts about sex and relationships, there weren’t many from the perspective of Black women who are also mothers. In response to this underserved community, their platform strives to break down the stigmas of black motherhood and let their audience know how to continue to embrace their wants and desires as a parent.

9. Hart’s Desires

Founders: Tony and Shani Hart
Website: hartsdesires.com

Nearly a decade ago, Tony Hart opened a retail store, and the positive responses and attention it got inspired him to make his next move by building the ultimate sex shop. After meeting his now-wife, Shani, a certified sexuality coach and educator, they envisioned a powerful brand that mixes entertainment and education. Thus, the two brought to life Hart’s Desires, a premier erotic boutique full of high-end sex toys, kinky accessories, lube, lingerie, and more! 

10. Lylyth Erotica & Lingerie

Founder: Adeja Simone
Website: lylytherotica.com

Founded in 2019, Lylyth offers handcrafted sex toys for solo and partnered use, leather bondage gear to satisfy dominant and submissive taste, and luxurious lingerie. The Lylyth brand prides itself on sexual freedom and exploration, which is evident in the website’s blog that serves as an educational component for consumers to understand more about their sexual pleasure – from how to find the big “O” to incorporating blindfolds during sex.


11. Pink and White Productions

Founder: Shine Louise Houston
Website: pinkwhite.biz 

Founded in 2005, Pink & White Productions serves as a platform to “create adult content that’s real, that’s respectful, and powerful,” according to founder Shine Louise Houston. Pink & White Productions includes adult entertainment that centers queer sexual desire in a way that reflects today’s blurred gender lines and fluid sexualities. Houston’s work has been featured in the New York Times, BITCH Magazine’s Winter 2019 issue, and Sisters in the Life: A History of Out African American Lesbian Media-Making.

12. Pink Heffs

Founder: King Heff
Website: pinkheffs.com/shop

King Heff is not only one of the resident sexperts of the Sexpert Corner at EXXXOTICA, the largest adult event in the USA dedicated to love and sex; he also runs a business that enhances multiple areas of sexuality from “Sexdibles” that assist in increasing libido to a variety of body-safe, orgasmic sex toys and hand-made, heavy-duty BDSM accessories. He also presents live and virtual educational seminars on topics related to kink and BDSM. 

13. Royal Fetish Films

Founders: Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire
Website: royalfetishxxx.com 

Romantic partners, sex-positive parents, educators, award-winning adult entertainers, and master fetish trainers, Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire are true industry veterans. Multihyphenate Jasmine is also a licensed clinical therapist and the lead therapist at Blue Pearl Therapy. Royal Fetish Films exists to normalize and represent BIPOC sexuality and play with a particular emphasis on Black and Brown women. In an interview with Spectrum Boutique, King explained, “[Our business] puts the camera in the hands of women. We’re automatically different from the mainstream model as our films are about pleasure, not just the look.” The duo also launched Royal Fetish Radio for intimate conversations about everything from porn to kink to pregnancy sex and parenting.


14. tabú (aka this site)

Founder: Mia Davis
Website: talktabu.com

Founded in 2016, Mia Davis created tabú in response to her own experiences with sexual trauma and pelvic pain. tabú has since grown to become a modern and approachable guide to sexual wellness, including a digital magazine to dish on the juiciest topics, virtual webinars that go in-depth about strategies to navigate your sexual health, and an online clubhouse to get exclusive content through an uplifting community of experts.

15. “Use Your Mouth” 

Founder: Shamyra Howard
Website: onthegreencouch.com

Sexologist Shamyra Howard created “Use Your Mouth,” 50 conversation-starting cards to make communication fresh and exciting between couples. These can be used by couples who have just started dating or have been married for years. The companion book is available on Amazon and serves as a guide for every person who wants to increase intimacy with their partner outside of the bedroom.

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