Looking for a Casual Dating App That Puts Your Pleasure First? Look No Further Than the Hud App

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Casual dating just got a whole lot easier (and a lot more fun) with this sex-positive dating app.

Written in partnership with Hud

One of the best trends I’ve noticed about dating in 2020 is that people are proactively managing expectations for their dating and sex lives in order to get the desired outcome they want. Part of managing expectations comes with finding the right dating apps that suit their personal needs, relationship styles, and sexual desires.

So, You’re Looking for Something Casual

A common dilemma I hear about from others is that they download a dating app, match with someone who catches their eye, message each other back and forth, and even go on a legit date or two until it’s suddenly clear that both people aren’t on the same page about what they want from each other. One person is looking for a future partner, and the other is just looking for fun.

If you’re reading this and you relate to the person who is only looking for something casual, yet find yourself in a repeated cycle of matching with people who want different things then I have one question for you. Why waste time and energy on dating apps that are tailored toward people who mostly want a long-lasting relationship when there are apps readily available for people who want the same things as you?

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a valuable suggestion: Try the Hud app!

Hud is a casual dating and hookup app that is honest about the realities of online dating. With over 9 million users worldwide, it’s a no-pressure way to find dates, FWB, or just a little excitement.

Notable Features That Make Hud App Stand Out

  • Safe photo messaging: Another aspect I appreciate is that while being able to upload photos from the camera roll on your phone, the site provides a photo protection blur at first so that users won’t be subjected to potential unsolicited nudes.
  • Scrolling vs. Swiping: While most dating apps require a swipe-through motion to find other users, HUD allows users to view all the possible matches in the area at once through a vertical setup where they can scroll up and down to view profiles and message people they’re interested in. From there, someone can accept a message request by replying to the initial message.
  • Possibility to match with couples as well as singles: Multiple relationship styles are represented in the app so it’s possible for people to match with couples as well as singles.
  • My Bedroom: For those who use dating apps for hookups, it can be anxiety-inducing to start an initial conversation about pleasure preferences in the bedroom. Perhaps you’re concerned about whether you and a potential match are interested in the same things, and you don’t want to waste your time down the line discovering that you’re not the best fit. Luckily, Hud’s “My Bedroom” feature allows its users to display specific acts they enjoy or dislike in the bedroom through a yes/no/maybe list, for both giving and receiving.

Each sexual act includes a definition underneath to help people identify what they like (or don’t like so much).

Setting Up Your Hud Profile

Follow these steps:

  1. Download Hud from the App Store or the Play store
  2. Sign up using your mobile number or Facebook account.
  3. When signing up with mobile, you will receive a text code confirmation to plug into the app before creating a profile.
  4. When signing up with Facebook, your basic information to fill out your profile while your personal data, such as your email or phone number, will always be kept private and secure.
  5. After downloading is complete, follow the steps to create your profile. The more complete your profile is, the higher your chance for a connection is. Components to a profile include but are not limited to: photos, a personal bio, height, languages spoken, My Bedroom, interests, etc.
  6. Check the ‘Profile Completion’ bar in the profile section to view your progress.

How to Communicate Sexual Desires & Boundaries IRL

Last but not least, now that you’ve decided to set up a profile, let’s discuss ways to communicate boundaries and fantasies in real life. When it comes to communicating sexual fantasies, it’s beneficial to talk about them beforehand to get an idea of where the other person’s head is at concerning certain sexual acts. Here are a few examples you could use to spark those conversations, in case you need a template:

“Did you hear about this year’s Pornhub awards?”

Depending on their response, initiate a more explicit conversation by showing them the categories and nominees. This is bound to lead you into a conversation about sexual fantasies one way or another.

“If you had to rank the most popular holidays, where would Halloween fall in that ranking?” 

If you’d like to ease into a conversation about sexual fantasies, start off by asking about their thoughts on Halloween because it is associated with costumes, which makes a smooth segway into a conversation about roleplay.

“I’m not an expert with the CDC, but I know something fun we can do that’s 6 feet apart.”

At this point they’ll likely respond saying “What?” to which you can reply, “Masturbate in front of each other.” 

Not only is this an ideal way to have a digital sexual experience amid the pandemic if done via video chat, but it shows that you’re someone with a sense of creativity, humor, and a decent amount of caution as well.

These prompts are admirable starting points to build deeper discussions about sexual fantasies, possible hard-limits, and the boundaries that come with them. If someone shows signs of hesitation when talking about a specific act, take it upon yourself to make them feel comfortable by relating the conversation back to the “My Bedroom” part of their profile. You could say, “It sounds like that’s a ‘no,’ but I see there are some things on your profile that are a clear ‘yes,’ so let’s focus on those instead.”

Remember, regardless of your relationship status or structure, respect and communication are key and ultimately lead to a healthier dynamic and enhanced pleasure for everyone involved.


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