Sex Feels Better With a Condom. When It Fits, That Is.

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Can a perfect fit condom can improve your sex life? (Yes, yes it can.)

Written in partnership with ONE® Condoms

We all know that condoms do an incredible job at keeping us healthy and safe during sex, but so many people don’t want to use one. Why? Because people believe that condoms don’t feel as good as with sex without one. 

There have been many complaints about condoms, from size, to feel, to fit. However, technology and design has much improved since the origin of condoms a long time ago—so much so, in fact, that I am here to tell you that sex with a condom can be even more enjoyable than sex without one! Yes, you heard me right, more enjoyable

I’m not just talking about being protected from STIs and unexpected pregnancy; I’m saying there are a lot of surprising benefits that a well-fitting, intelligently designed condom can bring to your sex life that can increase pleasure and regularity of sex. Let me explain.

5 Amazing Benefits of Wearing Condoms: 

1. Safety & Security

Stress is one of the greatest factors in a low sex drive and painful intercourse. This is especially true for people with vaginas, but stress affects everyone and can be a reason for failure to keep an erection or to ejaculate. 

For many people with vaginas, being relaxed and comfortable is fundamental in being physically and mentally ready to enjoy sex. Without that, the vagina can tense up and make it very painful to have sex, so the use of a condom is one of the ways to make sex more pleasurable for someone with a vagina. 

Condoms take away the worries and stress of being unprotected. They give you and your partner(s) the comfort of knowing that you can have as much fun and pleasure without the underlying fear of STIs or pregnancy. Sure, we can all get wrapped up in the heat of the moment and forget about using a condom, but the morning and days after, that worry can be immense and it can lead to life changing results we may not have intended.

Using a condom is a small task that has a huge impact. It gives you and your partner(s) the freedom to have a worry-free, adventurous, and pleasurable sex life without any unanticipated consequences. 

2. Longer Lasting Sex 

On average, people with vaginas need longer stimulation to reach climax, and a condom can be the perfect thing to help make sex last longer! 

This is especially true for people who may struggle with premature ejaculation, as having a slight barrier between your skin reduces a little of the sensitivity and means you can ease into sex and make it last longer. This benefits both parties hugely and can lead to more exploration and adventure in your sex life. 

3. Less Pain & More Pleasure

People with vaginas experience more pain during intercourse, often because of vaginal dryness and tightness caused by stress or trauma. Dryness can also be painful to someone with a penis and the friction caused by it can lead to genital pain and bleeding after sex. 

That’s where lubricant comes in to save the day! Many people feel too shy to ask to use lube, which is why a condom can be a great way to introduce lube into your sex life without any embarrassment. 

Condoms come prepackaged with lube and the addition of a water or silicone based lube can really increase pleasure and ability to have longer-lasting sex. Lengthy sex often means more friction and dryness, so lubricant is an absolute game changer to any couple or partners for keeping things seamless and comfortable. You’ll be asking yourself where it’s been your whole life! 

4. Variety & Excitement

Condoms come in so many different exciting varieties, from studded or ribbed, to glow in the dark! A condom can add more thrill and enjoyment to a sexual experience, and I think everyone can agree, sometimes we need a bit of help to make things more interesting in the bedroom. For example, if your partner loves receiving oral sex, a flavored condom really adds delight to the experience of the giver. These little enhancements give partners so many more ways to experience and enjoy sex. My personal favorites are studded and ribbed condom; they really add to the sensation and feel during sex!

5. Confidence 

For those who have a penis, penis size can be one of the biggest concerns during sex. This worry can be increased when a person has experienced an ill-fitting condom or has had a condom fall off or feel loose. This can make someone subconsciously feel like their penis is too small for sex and they may shy away from finding a sexual partner because of this. 

On the other hand, many people experience condoms being too small, which often means the condoms are too tight. This can cause issues like a purple ring on the penis after sex, instant erection loss, or generally the condom feeling too tight and uncomfortable.

This is where new condom design and better fit technology can really boost someone’s confidence and sexual ability. There is nothing like finding something that fits perfectly for your body and that’s what brands like ONE® Condoms can do for someone. Knowing condom fit is a challenge for many, they launched an extension of the brand called myONE® Perfect Fit. With 60 different condom sizes (combinations of 10 different lengths and 9 different circumferences), every penis can find their perfect fit. Having the right condom not only allows someone to have protected sex, it gives them the knowledge that their penis is normal and is absolutely capable of giving and receiving sexual pleasure. 

Condom Fit for Maximum Pleasure

Many of the issues and complaints people have with condoms is due to the fit. Regular condoms are only produced in 2-3 sizes, which means many people are using a condom that doesn’t feel good, can rip, or feels tight or uncomfortable. Ill-fitting condoms can also be attributed to failure to protect, as they can break or slip off during sex. Thankfully, condoms have improved and can now be found in 60 different sizes, multiple varieties of color, shape, and texture. When combined with a quality water or silicone-based lubricant, these latex heroes can make sex so much more enjoyable and safe. 

If you or your partner would like to find the perfect fit condom, you have 3 easy ways to do so:

  1. Use ONE® Condoms’ FitKit measuring tool.
  2. Use a measuring tape or ruler and enter it here.
  3. Answer a few questions about past experiences with condoms.

In addition to their vast array of sizes, the brand makes sure not to use potentially shame-inducing labels like “small,” “medium” or “large.” ONE® Condoms purely uses measurements to identify the size, and this can really improve the confidence of someone buying a condom. 

Now that people can find their perfect fit, style and shape, it doesn’t have to be a choice between pleasure and safety, we can have both! If you’ve had negative experiences with a condom in the past, it might be time to try it again and see if your experience improves. You can get a $2 sample pack at and use code TALKTABU for 15% off your purchase.*

*Discount code does not apply to sample pack.


Cat Lygate

Cat Lygate

Cat from UNGIRL believes in sex positivity and is actively working to close the pleasure gap for women and destigmatize sex for all through her educational and empowering posts and advice.

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