I Fingered a Straight Guy’s Butt and It Was Surprisingly Empowering

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And now I put my finger on why…

By Allison X.

When I’m drunk I find myself, more often than not, making out in the middle of a bar — not something I’m proud of, but also not the point of the story. After my most recent makeout sesh with this guy Rob, things escalated outside the bar and into his apartment.

Fast forward through awkwardly taking off our clothes and a short scavenger hunt to find a condom, I found myself faced with a peculiar request. “Will you stick your hand over here?” Rob whispered, as he guided my hand toward his butt.

Caught off guard, I gave into Rob’s request. I’d never played with a guy’s butt before, but I heard that it’s a super sensitive area and guys are really into it. As a butt-fingering virgin, I wasn’t prepared for Rob’s reaction. He moaned and squirmed as if he was having a full-on orgasm. I had no idea butt play could bring him to climax.

The next day I looked into what exactly took place in Rob’s butt the previous evening. I was intrigued, a little disgusted and entirely confused — so it was time to dig for some information.

After some bizarrely worded Google searches, I began to understand what the hell was behind his request.

Stimulating a guy’s prostate — specifically the patch of skin between his balls and butt — can be really pleasing for him. Some liken it to the clitoris. His prostate is right above that patch, so if you touch, rub, massage or lick the area, your guy will squirm in a totally orgasmic way.

Although historically associated with men who have sex with men, a lot of straight couples perform and receive anal pleasure. In a study of 1,478 heterosexual men, 24 percent had performed anilingus on their female partners and 15 percent had received it. Most significantly to my research, 24 percent of the men had been fingered in their butthole.

What I thought was such a weird and rare request from Rob turns out to be pretty common. In fact, 12 percent of men polled by Esquire in 2012 admitted to wanting more anilingus.

Facts and figures aside, what surprised me the most during this whole experience was how I felt while touching Rob’s butt. Normally when I am having sex, I feel more submissive than my partner.

When I fingered Rob, I felt like I had more of the power. I became the dominant partner.

I easily controlled his every moan and squirm while rubbing the skin near his prostate. He became more vulnerable with every touch. I was so turned on by it — I didn’t realize how empowering being in control in the sack could feel.

I can’t wait to whip out my new move on the next person I sleep with. As a traditional submissive, stepping into the shoes of a dominant and really walking around in them was so thrilling. I never thought I’d be into anal play, but you know what they say — once you finger a dude’s butthole, it opens up a “hole” new world.

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