Yes, Period Panties Work. And These Are My Fave

period panties
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A day in the life of me and my Joyja period panties.

Written in partnership with Joyja

I wake up on a cold, dark, and moody Tuesday. Ugh, I do not want to get up. As I peel myself off my warm mattress, I feel my uterus cramping, head spinning, and tears about to fall out of my eyes. It was only 7 am. What on earth did I need to cry over yet? I practically sleep walk to the bathroom and lo and behold, my period has arrived. I start to panic, wondering if I have any tampons in my bathroom. Then I remember, I have Joyja period undies! 

My Decision to Try Period Panties

If you struggle with tampons and pads like me, then I have the answer for you: period panties from Joyja! These things are no joke and I finally understand all the hype around period underwear. Not only do they eliminate the wasteful aspect of tampons/pads, but they are also super cute, hassle free, insanely comfortable (seriously, where does this fabric blend even come from?), and wearing them gives you something to look forward to during the bleeding portion of your menstrual cycle. Menstrual bleeding is totally normal and I truly love how this product allows you to relax, let any worries go, and let your menses flow. 

I take a good look at a super tampon and maxi pad in my drawer and reminisce. In my experience, sometimes pads are too humongous for me and I feel like I’m wearing a diaper. While I know there are different sizes and variations in thickness, pads are simply not my fave; I also don’t find tampons to be the most comfortable. Not to mention, I all too often forget to purchase them at the pharmacy and realize that…a little too late. While traditional methods of period absorption have been there for me since puberty, I look forward to trying an underwear that is both stylish and innovative. 

I slip on my Joyja bikini style undies instead of the super tampon, feeling the soft cotton on my rough morning skin. The delicate lace trim makes me feel confident as I look at myself in the mirror; even with bed head, I feel good. I grab my coffee, a bagel with cream cheese, and rush off to work. 

Inclusive Sizing and Chic AF

With all different styles; thong, bikini, cheeky, hipster, midi-brief, and boy short along with different cuts such as low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise you’ll be sure to find something that works for your body. Not only does Joyja offer different styles for all types of bodies (from XS-4X), but they also have three absorbency levels: light, moderate, and heavy. Talk about an all-embracing brand! I love how the patterns and colors compliment a variety of body shapes and sizes. Joyja, you know you’re doing here. They’re not playing around! 

Too cute, am I right?!

And They Feel Good?

Now, let’s talk about comfort. The Joyja undies not only look lovely, but they also feel lovely. The material is super smooth and doesn’t irritate my skin whatsoever. I’m not exaggerating when I say I  rubbed them over and over with my hands, consistently delighted by the comfortable, natural feel of the fabric. My undies weren’t too tight, too loose, or hugging in any of the wrong spots. I actually felt sexy wearing them!

Okay, but Do They Actually Work?

Throughout the day I keep checking to make sure my panties aren’t soaked, leaking, or having some technical difficulties. Nope – nothing. Each time I use the bathroom, I find that the panties are absorbing my period wonderfully. No leaks, spots, funky odors, or anything up there that I have to keep changing. My vagina feels free and taken care of. 

I feel like I discovered a new beauty secret, like that concealer that covers up even the worse dark under eye circles. But the thing about Joyja is that the underwear actually works. Unlike those undereye concealers for $80…which, to be honest, even the best brand can’t mask my sleep deprived look, Joyja undies are affordable and effective. For just $20, I can get myself a pair of undies that actually absorb my period, feel and look great, and somehow eliminate any odor or dampness. 

Seriously, there was never a feeling of wetness in my underwear, something I was concerned about because we all know yeast feeds off warm and moist environments. The way the four layers of thin yet well-built fabric work within the undies genuinely amazed me. I kept looking down at my undies while I peed like, “how?!”. I still don’t understand Joyja’s state-of-the-art period absorbing technology, but I like it. I like it a lot. 

Time for Bed: The Ultimate Test

As I finish my eight hour work day, I’m still in shock I haven’t bled through my underwear. I rinse my undies out in the sink when I get home and let them air dry; I’ll wash them with the rest of my laundry later this week. Easy-peasy. I eagerly transition into the ever so cute boy short style for bedtime. 

A little extra coverage for bedtime makes me feel secure and sexy. Tomorrow’s pair of Joyja sits in my nightstand as I slip under the sheets and drift off to sleep, confident that I will wake up with no leaking (I did!). 

The Final Verdict on Joyja Period Panties

My Joyja undies were a great substitute for the tampons and pads I usually use during my period. I have already recommended them to my friends and family who want to try period underwear, or who wish to use them in addition to other period products! If you are looking for an undie that is affordable, comfortable, effective and leaves you feeling sexy during your period, these are for you. Watch out periods, here we come!

Not Quite Ready to Fully Make the Leap?

It’s great to have options to choose from when it comes to taking care of our period and I am thrilled that period undies are one of them. Being able to use them alone or with tampons/pads is a reassuring thought. If you use tampons but find yourself worried about leaking or odor, period panties can be especially helpful. Joyja undies are moisture wicking and odor neutralizing. You can wear a tampon with your panties for peace of mind from the extra layer of protection. The material and fit of the undies are even flexible enough to allow for an additional pad or liner tucked inside as needed. No worries of feeling claustrophobic down there. 

By eliminating tampons and pads or supplementing them with period panties, I believe we can become more confident about our periods. If we can correlate our periods with cute, fun, and comfy undies, we will begin to have a new outlook on the mornings we wake up with our periods, just like I did with Joyja period panties


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