Add Some Masturbation Magic to Your Self-care Routine With this Sweet Vibes Waterproof Wand

masturbating in a tub for self-care
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This Sweet Vibes waterproof wand is what your self-care routine has been missing. Prepare to be charmed.

This article was created in partnership with Sweet Vibes.

If my masturbation journey has taught me anything so far, it’s that self-pleasure is the best form of self-care. For as long as I can remember, masturbation has been an integral activity for me, especially during times of uncertainty, stress, and personal growth. However, growing up, I received shameful messages about self-pleasure and the depictions that I saw of masturbation on television did not reflect my personal experiences in real life. Now, as a young adult, my methods for masturbation are not only for pleasure, but also to enhance my personal journey as a sexual being. Part of enhancing my sexual journey looks like exploring my satisfaction through sex toys like the collection of innovative, fun products from Sweet Vibes, a San Diego-based adult boutique that embraces the taboo of sexual wellness instead of hiding it. 

The mission behind Sweet Vibes’ brand is that “masturbation is a vital part of a self-care routine — whether you’re screaming its praises from the mountaintops, enjoying yourself in the solitude of your bedroom, or sharing it alongside a partner. Simply put, we strive to be the leaders that inspire womxn to embark on their own sexual wellness journey.” I personally found that to be especially true after using their new, well-engineered wand, Charmed.

So of all sex toys, why include a wand vibrator in your collection?

Since the 1970s, wands (commonly known as the “Hitachi Magic Wand”) have been a best-seller in sex tech, quickly becoming the cornerstone of sex toys. Part of the appeal is attributed to its multi-faceted design. The cylindrical-shaped head of the vibrator is designed for high-intensity direct clitoral stimulation, which is ideal considering recent data shows us that 66.6 percent of people with vulvas report a preference for being touched directly on the clitoris.

Charmed specifically includes a curved tip to the spherical backside to provide an enveloping sensation made to curve, flex, and fit into any vulva. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let me feel you in on the steamy details of my personal experience!

masturbation with Sweet Vibes Charmed Wand
Sweet Vibrations Charmed Wand by Leonor Carvalho

My masturbation experience with Charmed – a wand by Sweet Vibes

As I stated earlier, masturbation means the most to me during times of challenge and personal growth because it helps me learn more about myself and my bodily desires. Based on conversations with peers and most depictions of masturbation on television, I, along with many others in my friend group, assumed that self-pleasure was only done on one’s back while using their fingers rather than sex toys. Luckily, the composition of Sweet Vibes’ Charmed fits more with the way that I masturbate, further improving my sexual wellness journey. One of the best facets of this wand is that it caters to my specific needs for gratification because it’s easy to maneuver and it covers a lot of surface area. As someone who masturbates on my stomach, I appreciate that this vibrator is easy to control. I can easily align it in necessary ways to indulge in the gentle rumbles and massage-like motions that mimic the rubbing sensation I need for gratification.

I also value that Charmed is 100% waterproof so it can tag along with me in the bathtub or shower on sensual occasions. This wand full of magic is also made with medical-grade silicone, allowing for a soft, silky feeling at each touch. 

Aside from pleasure, there are other reasons why masturbation is an example of self-care:

  1. It’s the safest form of sexual activity. The chances of becoming pregnant or contracting a sexually transmitted infection through masturbation are almost non-existent (though, you could contract genital herpes if you touched a cold sore and then touched your genitals).
  1. It helps relieve built-up stress. Giving yourself your next “O” through sex toys can help release happy chemicals into your body such as dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin, which are neurotransmitters that can bring about positive feelings. Orgasms also release prolactin, a hormone that triggers relaxation. Naturally, helping yourself relax through a self-induced orgasm can help you unwind at the end of a busy day.
  2. Exploring what gets you off the best can help you feel more self-assured in your sexuality. Unfortunately, many people feel embarrassed and even ashamed of their desire for sex and masturbation. Going to sex shops or discussing sex and masturbation can cause major anxiety. Masturbation is one of the best ways to build sexual confidence, embrace your body, and explore a plethora of your body’s pleasure spots.

I have had quite the journey with masturbation, from the curious yet unsure adolescent that I once was to the self-assured 24-year old that I am now. That is why it feels all the more liberating to express my sexual desires through self-pleasure as a form of self-care, despite living in a culture that deems masturbation “taboo.” From now on, I will continue to use my orgasmic journey as a way to get to know myself sexually and encourage everyone else to do so, too!

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