Spice Things Up With Bae With These 6 Gifts

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When you’re feeling naughty, you deserve something nice.

There are countless articles with tips and tricks to keep your relationship hot and heavy. It’s a common question for people in long-term relationships and, as we call them, “situationships” alike. Respect, communication, flirtation, spontaneity, mixing things up, and trying new activities are key to keeping your mindset fresh and feeling excited by your partner. In the words of the fabulous sex and relationship expert Dr. Jesssica O’Reilly, “The key to reigniting your spark is simple: Be more playful. Laugh more. Find the fun in being together.” These gift ideas are sure to add some playfulness to your sexy time routine and channel your inner ho ho ho!

This article was written in partnership with the following brands.

Chickie Emojibator


A Match.com study found that people who have more sex tend to use more emojis. Well I’ll be! Emojibator came onto the scene with their iconic eggplant vibrator to bring this statistic to life and add a new category of pleasure for playful, but powerful vibes to empower your self-love. The witty brand recently launched two new products: The Chickie (seen here) ? and The Shark ?. Both super powerful. Both super clever. The Chickie is a suction toy with 8 suction and 8 vibration settings. It’s waterproof (of course) and seriously adorable. Chickie is the perfect gift for a friend or sibling with a great sense of humor and an even better sense of pleasure.

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Self-Love Vulva Kit

The KinkKit

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to spoil your partner, your bff, or your own d*mn self, check out the limited edition Self Love Vulva Kit from The KinkKit. From 60-second meditations, to goddess bath rituals, to a 30-Day “Date Yourself” challenge, this gift is the perfect treat for uninterrupted, unapologetic me me me me ME time. Given that The KinkKit generally focuses on couples play, I asked Founder Candice Smith, why a box for self-love? Her response had me wanting to shout vulva from the mountaintops. She told me, “Shame and the vulva go hand in hand in nearly all patriarchal cultures. It’s literally coded into the English language—did you know that one of the medieval words for ‘pussy’ (‘pudendum’) comes from the latin ‘pudere,’ or to SHAME? We inherit and carry that shame throughout our lives… While we focus on couples, when one partner has shame, it creates a sexual imbalance that affects the partnership. We wanted to create an experiential, holistic self-care kit just for vulva owners to celebrate and love on themselves, whether partnered or single — AND we wanted to make self-love accessible on a busy schedule!” As if we weren’t already obsessed! Stay tuned for a Self-Love Penis Kit coming ( ?) soon!



Ah, the ever elusive G-spot. The We-Vibe Nova will show you just how much it exists with its unique flexible design shaped to simultaneously stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris. (Quick fun fact: some experts believe the G-spot to be part of the larger clitoral structure.) We-Vibe’s We-Connect app allows you to play with your partner from anywhere in the world, making this a great option for couples in long-distance relationships. Nova is quiet, USB-rechargeable, eco-friendly, and made with body-safe silicone. It also comes with a lovely silk storage pouch convenient for your travel needs. Oh hey, TSA! So, if you want to help your partner channel their inner supernova à la Zenon, this is the perfect vibe to add to their pleasure trove.



When DJ. Khaled said he doesn’t go down on his wife (but obviously expects BJs from her), we said skkkkrt. Thank u, next. Comments like these cause people with vulvas to be insecure about their bits. This shame is wiggity wack and it’s actually preventing a lot of people from enjoying or even receiving oral pleasure. With this in mind, Melanie Cristol created these thin, premium-quality natural latex panties for all those times you want oral sex, but aren’t feeling 100% confident about your partner going down. In her words, “I created Lorals because I want everyone to be able to experience great sex, with full confidence, on our own terms, and in whatever way feels best for our bodies. We deserve all of the pleasure that we crave.”

Does your partner tell you they’re concerned about you going down because they “haven’t showered,” “haven’t shaved,” “have [their] period,” or a million and one other excuses we make that stand in our way of accepting a partner’s desire to make us feel amazing? Lorals is the perfect gift to show them you care and want to put your tongue to work. Wondering if you can still enjoy the experience with a piece of fabric in between? No worries, friend. Research indicates that barriers only get in the way of things you don’t want—not the things you do. In fact, being able to clear your mind of all worries actually allows you to sit back, relax, and fully embrace your pleasure. Lorals is also in the process of seeking FDA approval as a barrier method to replace the far less cute (but still highly encouraged to prevent STIs) dental dam.

BioNude Personal Lubricant

Good Clean Love

Our motto at tabú? Lube, lube, and even more lube! Actually, it’s “There’s no such thing is TMI,” but there’s also no such thing as too much lube. Don’t believe the myths; using lube doesn’t mean you’re old, not turned on, or dry as my tear ducts after watching This is Us. Lube is the ultimate tool in your sexual play belt. Just like in cars, thorough lubrication helps things run smoothly to keep you safe and gliding. Good Clean Love has been a favorite of ours since discovering that the majority of commercial lubricants you find at your local pharmacy or grocery store are full of icky ingredients like petrochemicals (seriously). We think who and what you put in and on your body are equally important. Founded by Loveologist (coolest title ever) Wendy Strgar, Good Clean Love aims to up the pleasure level for all your solo and shared sexperiences. All Good Clean Love products are free from parabens and petrochemicals, 100% vegan, and my success marker—not at all sticky. Their latest product, BioNude, is designed with Patented Bio Match™ technology to protect the vaginal ecosystem and mimic the body’s natural lubrication. It’s also water-based so it can be used with condoms and sex toys to enhance your pleasure and comfort! BioNude is the perfect stocking stuffer and gift for your special playmate.

Discover Gift Box


Want to get the most bang for your buck? And we mean bang. It doesn’t get much spicier than the We-Vibe Discover Gift Box. When it comes to fun, We-Vibe isn’t playing games (though you certainly will be!). This unique pleasure-filled box of treasures includes 10 products to explore yourself and your partner. “What’s inside?” you ask. Oh, just everything you could ever want. Here we go: 1) We-Vibe Special Edition, 2) Womanizer Starlet, 3) Tango by We-Vibe, 4) Dusk by We-Vibe, 5) We-Vibe Lube, 6) Sexy Dice, 7) Tickler, 8) Kegel Ball, 9) Massage Candle, and 10) a Silky Sash. Touching on all the senses, this gift will open your relationship up to an entirely new world of play. You can open all the boxes in one night or gamify the experience by spacing out your delight. This is oh-so sexy, oh-so fun, and oh-so necessary for your special one! (I should start writing poetry, okayyy?)

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Illustrations and image editing by Marcy Gooberman

Just so ya know: This post contains affiliate links, which basically means, if you buy something, we get a little commission. Rest assured, we would never promote anything we don’t fully believe in. These sales help support our mission to deliver relevant, reliable sex ed worldwide. So yay, and thank you!

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