6 Sexy Gifts for You, a Friend, or Your Partner

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This holiday season, give the gift of pleasure.

Guilty pleasure is out and self-love, adoration, and pleasure are in! Let’s start embracing the things that bring us joy (assuming they don’t harm yourself or anyone else). I’m talking all aspects of pleasure. For example, the number of Americans who read for pleasure on a given day has fallen by 30 percent since 2004. Research indicates that this might be due to the rise in television popularity. While there’s nothing wrong with swapping one interest for another, it does beg the question, are these two activities equally fulfilling or am I simply opting for the more “convenient” option? I encourage you to identify something that brings you pleasure, perhaps something you haven’t been making time for recently, and think about new and creative ways you can bring more of it into your life this holiday season and beyond.

This article was written in partnership with the following brands.

Oh! To Go Bag


A recent study found that in first-time heterosexual hookups, 31% of people with a penis reached orgasm, compared to only 10% of people with a vagina. It’s 2018 and we’re ready to close the wage gap, the orgasm gap, and our society’s obsession with the thigh gap. Empowered sex is what we’re all about and this adorable pouch from Unbound has everything you need inside for solo or partner play. Great sex requires knowing your body and your turn-ons and being able to communicate that information with a partner. Let this bag be the entry point to an ultra-spicy conversation. What’s inside, you ask? A cute lil’ vibe, vagina-friendly lube, stimulating gels, a condom, and a wipe! Seriously, bring this on a date and you will be the real MVP (Most Visionary Pleasure-seeker). The Oh! To Go Bag is also great for traveling home during the holidays. I mean, why go a day without it when it’s so convenient and cute to bring along? This is the kind of gift you buy for yourself and give a second to your BFF. Literally, why not?



A wearable vibrator for penises? Now this is what dreams are made of. The Tenuto is MysteryVibe’s second vibrator after the astoundingly customizable, award-winning Crescendo. Tenuto, which means “a note or chord held for its full time value or slightly more” lives up to its name and will have both the wearer and their partner singing all night long. It’s highly adaptable so you can get creative and find the right tune for you. Tenuto is currently available for pre-order, which has the added bonus of extending the holiday celebrations into the new year (Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, after all)! Quick side story: Whenever my mom used to buy me something that was sold out or on backorder, she would wrap up a box with a print-out of the product inside. I highly recommend this trick and can confirm that it’s exciting to have something to look forward to after the holidays die down. Tenuto and Crescendo are also both on sale right now (15% and 25% respectively) so it is an excellent time to snag these vibes!



Not so fun fact: Nearly 75% of people with a vagina experience pain during intercourse at some point during their lives. FORIA creates high-quality products to ease vaginal pain for both sex and menstruation. Their product, Awaken, exists to spray the pain away. FORIA’s Awaken is an arousal lube formulated with broad-spectrum CBD and kava kava extract that smells like chocolate and mint — yum! Awaken not only treats pain, but also enhances pleasure and has been known to elevate many an orgasm. Trust me, you will not want to sleep on this product (pun, most definitely, intended).

Womanizer Premium


Ready to take your pleasure to the next level? The Womanizer is known for its orgasm reliability. As one customer raved online, “Two minutes later (yes, it only took two minutes), my body experienced sensations it never has before. My feet still haven’t uncurled and my fingers are tingly and numb, struggling to write this review.” Do I even need to go on? In its latest version, the Womanizer Premium maintains its unique clitoral suction technology and boasts 12 intensity levels that will have you begging for more. Let me put it this way, this handy treasure is certainly the gift that keeps on giving.

Novice Plug


Want to explore some anal play alone or with a partner? The Novice Plug is the perfect size for beginners and is made from premium, smooth as silk silicone. It’s also non-porous, making it a breeze to clean. What’s super fun about this plug is its 6 intensity levels and 15 (yes, fif-teen) vibration patterns. Grab your favorite lube and vibe out with this plug! Remember, silicone lubes can destroy silicone toys, so your best bet is a thick, high viscosity water-based lube. Enjoy!



Okay, so Tumblr blocked porn and most tube sites have a tendency to err on the side of cringe. Enter, Bellesa. As their name implies, Bellesa is a beautiful way to explore your sexual fantasies through both video and written content. As Bellesa founder Michelle Shnaidman told us, “Bellesa was built by asking more foundational questions like: ‘If adult entertainment was made in the vision of a woman since day one, (all expectations, norms, scripts out the window) what would that look like?’” Um, can I get a helllllllz yes!? Bellesa’s Boutique also carries amazing vibrators to use during your masturbation sesh and adorable shirts with powerful expressions such as, “Tacos Orgasms Social Justice.” I’ll take one of each.

Illustrations and image editing by Marcy Gooberman

Just so ya know: This post contains affiliate links, which basically means, if you buy something, we get a little commission. Rest assured, we would never promote anything we don’t fully believe in. These sales help support our mission to deliver relevant, reliable sex ed worldwide. So yay, and thank you!

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