Hand-Poured Massage Candle by Désirables


Now idk if you’re into wax play (dripping candle wax onto your partner or yourself 🕯), but if you’re looking to re-ignite the flame in your relationship, this candle is a great place to start. With citrus aromas and moisturizing Vitamin E (hello skincare!), prepare to be transported to entirely new dimensions. Made from all-natural vegan soy wax, this hand-poured massage candle is created with the same premium essential oils used in Désirables’ massage oil.

This bedroom essential will create a sensual and romantic atmosphere in addition to being used as a massage lotion thanks to its luxurious, silky, and creamy texture. If you’ve got sensitive skin, this is definitely the candle for you.


– Soy Wax
– Mango Butter
– Sunflower Oil
– Vitamin E
– Essential oils: red mandarin, pink grapefruit, bergamot, rosewood, ylang-ylang

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