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Owning Your Period

You have a better period.

Your pesky Aunt Flow might just be your fairy godmother. Discover the tips & tricks you need to take control. Your wish to have a better period has officially been granted.

Your period is a tool

and you can use it to your advantage.
$ 29 One-Time Payment
  • Fun, educational videos jam-packed with evidence-based tips & tricks
  • Workbook with informational, inspiring, and empowering assignments
  • Access to Owning Your Period private group to continue the conversation
  • Exclusive discounts from our period product partners
  • Lifetime access, okkuur?
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You will learn how to:

  • Understand the unique language your period uses to communicate to you and how to listen to it.
  • Identify the phases of the menstrual cycle and how you can expect to feel in each phase.
  • Redefine "normal" and recognize when something in your cycle is off.
  • Track your menstrual cycle PROPERLY.
  • Track ovulation using basal body temperature.
  • Incorporate everyday strategies for your overall health and hormone balance.

Owning Your Period Lesson Plan

~55 minutes

Class Includes...

Workbook & Videos
Partner Discounts
Community Support

Expected Takeaways

  • For a better period: Diet and lifestyle strategies for balanced hormones and fewer symptoms
  • For irregular periods: How to predict your next period even if it's irregular
  • For fertility: How to maximize your fertility with period tracking
  • For ovulation tracking: How to use Basal body temperature and cervical fluid to identify ovulation
  • For fitness: How our period impacts exercise and motivation
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Meet Demi Spaccavento

Demi is the founder of Bright Girl Health, a women’s health educator and a passionate high school teacher. She believes that anyone who menstruates should never feel left in the dark about their own body.

Demi has worked with high school students for 8 years in many schools across Australia and is dedicated to empowering people with periods to be in tune with their physical and emotional wellbeing through health education. Understanding reproductive health is an obstacle many young girls and menstruators face because of embarrassment, shame, lack of resources, shying away from ‘taboos,’ and misinformation from the media or friends. Demi’s goal is to break through the silence when it comes to discussing reproductive health.

Are ready to have a better period?