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Wish people were more informed and less ashamed?

That’s where you come in! Our Sexpert Squad extends tabú’s mission of equipping people with the proper tools to cultivate a healthy attitude toward and understanding of their bodies, mental health, and relationships. Anyone can join the squad and if you’re in college, you can apply to be a Campus Sexpert! Let’s be real, high school sex ed kind of missed out on the whole “ed” part and it’s time we all caught up!

You Will...

Get creative.

Making “tabú” topics more approachable isn’t always the easiest task (I mean, it’s kind of why we exist). We would love to see you put your best ideas to werk and share your insights along the way.

Host events.

Trivia nights, tailgates, interactive workshops, anything you can come up with that people will attend! Live experiences and powerful conversations can be truly transformational in driving change and helping people feel more confident and comfortable talking about this stuff. Not to mention, our events are like, super fun soooo.

Post on social.

Time to get those insta stories poppin’! Sharing is caring and we hope you care a lot. Honestly tho, social media roles are on the rise, so really we're helping you prepare for your next job (which might even be with us—you're welcome).

Rep tabú.

Sexual health, but make it fashion. tabú stickers? EVERYWHERE. tabú swag? Rock that ish to yoga, spin class, around the quad, to your big presentation (it's likely to give you good vibes). We can see it now and you look kewt.

Perks Include

tabú bomber jacket

swag for days

professional development

Professional Development

exclusive tabú access

Exclusive tabú access

tabú squad love

Squad Love & Support


Opportunities for $$

How do we determine “fit”?

Just like the stripes on a zebra 🦓, all of our ambassadors are unique, each bringing different strengths and skills to our work. We aren’t looking for one type of leader, one specific major, or a certain range of interests (other than, you know, us). If you are passionate about tabú’s mission, a strong planner/organizer, and an enthusiastic, hardworking individual, then we would be honored to have you as a member of the squad. And if you’re none of those things, but you’re creative and eager to get involved, we have a spot for you, too!