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At tabú, we believe…



Your healthcare matters.

Sexual and mental health are as important, if not more so than any other aspect of our overall wellbeing. We exist to help you make informed decisions to keep you happy, healthy, safe, and thriving.



You are your best advocate.

When it comes to your body, you are the expert! Yet, you can’t fully advocate for yourself without the right information (some of these articles out here be like whaaat). We give you the tools to have productive conversations with doctors, parents, partners, friends, and even with yourself so you can take control.



You are not alone.

Too many of us struggle in isolation. We don’t have anyone to talk to and wonder, “Am I the only one?” Well, guess what? The answer is no. Join our community of people facing similar challenges both IRL and online. Let’s get through the ups, downs, and merry-go-rounds of life together!