Sex Toy Company Vush is Encouraging Self-Pleasure During the Coronavirus Pandemic

self-love during quarantine
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The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about an emphasis on the importance of self-care. One way many have found to care for their mental, physical, and sexual wellbeing is through self-pleasure. 

Written in partnership with Vush

Ok, raise your hand if your sex toys have had a little more action since being in self-isolation. I know mine have. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many curveballs to individuals around the world. From small businesses struggling to keep their doors open to individuals having to self-isolate at home alone, stress levels have increased and many have found their emotional wellbeing put at risk. But in times like these, people have taken things into their own hands…literally.

Australian based sex-toy company, Vush, has seen its sales increase by 350% since the COVID-19 outbreak. Vush’s products are designed for women, with the mission of wanting “every woman to begin a journey toward self-love, get to know their body, and have the power to make themselves feel amazing.” 

So, why is it important for people to prioritize self-pleasure and especially right now? Through self-pleasure, your body releases oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins that help you relax and positively affect your mood and physical health. During this time of isolation, it is crucial to partake in practices that allow you to remain calm and manage stress. 

“Vush strongly believes self-pleasure should always be considered a priority but it’s more important than ever because with the majority of the world in isolation and a drastic change in all our lifestyles, self-pleasure can help us cope better with stress… With little connection to the outside world, it’s a perfect time to connect with yourself,” said Jasmine Nielsen, E-commerce Marketing Manager at Vush. 

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Did you know that between 50-70% of cis women struggle to experience an orgasm from intercourse alone? And on top of that, nearly 10% HAVE NEVER HAD AN ORGASM at all! Of course, we know that pleasure comes in all varieties and that orgasms aren’t the end-all-be-all of sex. However, we also know that paying attention to the clitoris tends to result in higher frequencies of orgasms. What better way to exercise some self-love during isolation than to take control of your own pleasure? Self-isolation is a great time to explore your sexuality and body and boost your confidence. Find out what “does the trick” for you and your clit!

“We think in light of everything happening, a conversation has started that encourages one another to self-care. Our best-selling self-love toy, The Empress, has over 1300+ 5-star reviews from our customers and hundreds of influencers have endorsed it so far. We believe Vush is the most approachable female self-love brand, which has led to a huge uptake in word of mouth during this time of isolation,” says Nielsen. 

Vush’s The Empress, a clitoral suction vibrator, is the most popular sex toy on Instagram right now, and with good reason. Instagram influencer Brittany Lesser posted with The Empress, discussing the importance of self-love and pleasure. In her caption, she wrote, “Growing up, I actually felt a lot of shame around sex, self-pleasure, self-love, etc. I wasn’t comfortable with it, was embarrassed, didn’t think it was normal, and just felt overall shameful around the topic.” She continued by saying, “These things are all so important to our overall health and wellbeing, and something we should never be ashamed of. There is nothing wrong with something that is so natural for all of us. Self-love, baby.”

Vush is not just a sex toy company with a mission statement; they are a group of individuals coming together to empower people with vulvas to own their sexuality through a movement called #breakthestigma. 

“Your story has the potential to inspire countless other women to open up about their own experiences with sexuality, love, and wellness. Together, we can empower women to break the stigma around female sexuality for good,” says Vush

Masturbation is normal, natural, and needed! And guess what? IT FEELS GREAT! You can watch all the porn you want; you can flip through all of the sex magazines you want, you can read Fifty Shades of Grey over and over as many times as you want, but until you actually explore yourself, you can’t fully embrace autonomous pleasure. Once you begin to explore, that is when everything changes—when you start to become one with your body, and through that, you begin to learn how to love your body and own your sexuality. So, if you’re feeling a bit antsy at home and want to go on an adventure, how about you start with a sexual exploration of your vulva? May the journey be wet and wild!

Ready for your at-home pleasure adventure to begin (or continue)? Use code TABU for 20% off your very own The Empress by Vush!


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