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womanizer duo
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This sex toy company developed orgasm-inducing technology to blow your mind and your clitoris.

This article was created in partnership with Womanizer.

I have used the same masturbation technique since I turned eighteen and bought my first vibrator. It was bright teal, hard plastic and ran on double AA batteries. Over the years, I have learned how to achieve consistent orgasms, but I have not tried anything new in a long time. Enter the Womanizer.

The Womanizer created a pleasure revolution.

What was the revolution, you ask? The Womanizer uses patented pleasure air technology. Basically, the toy uses air pressure to stimulate your clitoris without any traditional vibrations. The product is designed to create an earth-shattering orgasm without anything directly touching the clitoris.

I have tried to describe the feeling to friends, and it is like nothing else. It is probably easier to describe what it does not feel like. It does not vibrate or feel like a traditional bullet or magic wand style vibrator. Also, it does not feel like your clit is being sucked into the toy. I have tried to touch the toy to my hand to help describe the feeling. The sensation is almost so light that I can barely feel that sensation when it is not directly over my clitoris.

The Womanizer Duo combines the pleasure air technology with internal stimulation.

The Duo is Womanizer’s newest addition to their line of toys. It is 100% waterproof, made of easy-to-clean silicone and has magnetic charging. This toy has so many features it can be hard to keep track of. Each time I use it, I find or rediscover a feature. The Duo can be purchased for 219 US dollars and is available in Bordeaux (wine red) and black gold.

orgasm with womanizer duo
The Womanizer Duo illustrated by Leonor Carvalho

To begin the playing, users can turn it on with a button that is located the back side of the toy. Once on, there is a light that appears inside the toy. The air stimulation does not begin until the toy is touching skin. As a default, both the clitoral and the internal stimulation begins on the first of twelve intensity levels.

Additionally, the internal vibrations can be controlled independently of the clitoral stimulation and vice versa. This control aids in a truly customizable experience. Additionally, the internal stimulation has 9 vibration patterns in addition to the basic continuous vibration. My favorite is setting three. The five buttons located on the top of the toy were a little confusing the first time I used it, but by orgasm number two my fingers had established a muscle memory.

Something unique about Womanizer products is that many of them, including the Duo, have a Smart Silence feature. As mentioned above, the toy does not start the stimulation until it meets the skin. I have tested the Duo on a couple of different surfaces and materials. It appears like it will not start stimulation if it is touching a non-conductive material like wood, cardboard, or carpet but will start stimulation if it is touching a conductive surface like metal. I really enjoy this feature.

If I set the Duo on my bedside table or it accidentally drops to the bed or floor, it will stop all noise. Smart Silence can be turned off by simultaneously pressing the increase and decrease clitoris stimulation button.

Are Womanizer products only for people that identify as women?

No, of course not! If the Womanizer fits your pleasure needs, then I would encourage folks of all genders to try a Womanizer product. The Duo is made to be inserted into a vagina and stimulate the clitoris, but there are other Womanizer products that only stimulate the clitoris.

Who is the Womanizer Duo is perfect for?

If you love clitoral and internal stimulation, the Duo is the toy for you. I was blown away by the power of the Duo’s internal vibrations. As a gal who struggles to get a good angle when fingering herself, the Duo truly does the job. There are twelve unique intensities. I love that each intensity has a distinct, gradual increase in power. I tried using the internal vibrations, turned off the clitoris stimulator and touched my clitoris with my fingers. It worked great! The flexibility is remarkable.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but Womanizer’s pleasure air technology is mind-blowing. I have not orgasmed this hard in years. It creates the kind of orgasms that I feel from my nose to my toes. The Duo might be perfect if you do not enjoy traditional vibrators. The sensation took me a few minutes to get used to. My clitoris is so sensitive that it notices any little change in type and pressure of sensation. Once again, the two unique intensities make this toy stand out. I love that I can have a slow, relaxed orgasm one night and a strong powerful one the next.

One of my favorite things about the Duo is combing the pleasure air technology with traditional vibrations. For my first orgasm, I use the clitoris stimulator on the Duo. But—for my second orgasm I turn off smart silence mode so the toy will run without the clitoris stimulator touching skin. Then, I turn off the clitoris simulator and turn up the internal stimulator. I used the tip of the internal stimulator, that is “serving” as a traditional vibrator, to masturbate with. Although this is an “off-label” use, I highly recommend that you try it out.

Who might enjoy a different Womanizer product?

If you are only looking for clitoral stimulation, I would not recommend the Duo. As far as I can tell, there is no way to use the clitoris stimulator without the Duo being inserted. The internal stimulator does not have to be turned on, but it does need to be inserted. There are times when my vaginal canal is too sensitive, or I am not in the mood for both sensations.

Additionally, due to the “one size fits all” nature of the Duo, it may not be suited for all people. Through using this product, I learned that my vagina and my clitoris are further apart than I thought they were. Unfortunately, the Duo does not “naturally” reach my clitoris when inserted into my vagina. It sits almost a centimeter short of where it should ideally sit.

I can still use the toy by pulling the head or the main part of the toy closer to my clitoris. It works, but the pulling leaves my hand sore after 15 minutes of masturbating. However, it is not uncomfortable to use this “workaround.”  If you have struggled to use other rabbit style products in the past, I recommend trying a different Womanizer product.

Do I recommend the Womanizer Duo?

This is my first experience with a Womanizer product, and I am impressed. The pleasure air technology is life-changing for me. The orgasms I have experienced are unlike anything I can achieve with my fingers or a traditional vibrator. I cannot say that it is better than a partner’s tongue, but the orgasms are almost as good. The power of the internal stimulation stands apart from other toys that I have tried. If it fit my anatomy perfectly, it would be my dream toy. In my opinion, the quality of materials, construction of the toy and the extensive features make the product worth its price.


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Illustrations by Leonor Carvalho

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