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Does it feel like you and your partner never want sex at the same time, or perhaps, even at all? Mismatched desire in a relationship isn’t easy, but it is manageable. It’s time to spice things up and have the fulfilling sex life you crave.


Sex Educator & Coach, Kait Scalisi

Say goodbye to cramps, moodiness, and the pains of PMS. Once you understand your body, you can optimize your habits, nutrition, and hormones for an improved menstrual cycle. Yes, you can have a better period .


Health Educator, Demi Spaccavento

Does dating feel daunting? Are you tired of ghosting and swiping endlessly through apps? Gain confidence and become a more resilient dater on your path to love (or whatever it is you might be looking for).


Relationship Coach, Shula Melamed
Sexual Pain is No Joke

Sexual Pain is No Joke


Painful sex sucks, but it isn’t something you have to deal with alone. Arm yourself with the tools you need to navigate pelvic pain and dysfunction like a boss. Your path to pleasure is right around the corner.


Sex Educator & PT, Dr. Uchenna "UC" Ossai

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Each Online Class Includes

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and yes, they’re on-demand! No waiting until next month or next Tuesday (when who knows if you’ll be free?)!


Perhaps you’re thinking, “Online learning? I’ve got better things to do on my Sunday afternoon!” (Do you really, though?) In the words of our favorite aardvark, “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.” And by library card, I’m pretty sure he meant TABU University. Knowledge is power and we want you to be your most empowered, informed, and assured self.

Reading an article or watching a YouTube video is great, but sometimes it’s not enough to effectively address what you’re going through. We crafted these classes to be a step between the educational articles on our site and going to see a wellness professional IRL (🤑). We bring the experts to you, in your home, where the couch is comfy and pants aren’t a requirement, so you can comfortably consume content that will help you achieve your goals. You can think of each class as a really enriching, evidence-based, actionable self-help book (minus the reading, plus fun and informative animations).

While our classes are not a substitute for talking with a licensed health professional, we have partnered with topic-specific industry experts and hope our classes can give you the push you need to make educated decisions about your body and relationships. Each class is uniquely designed and sprinkled with TLC (tabú loving care) to guide you to feeling more informed, empowered, and inspired to take action. Moreover, if you do decide to take that next step to see a therapist, coach, or doctor, our classes will give you a strong foundation for asking meaningful questions and getting the answers you deserve.

Nope! Once you pay for a class, you have immediate full access to all the class content (videos + worksheets + private group). You have a life and we don’t expect you to only be available when we are. You can take the class at your own pace and revisit the content whenever you want! Join the private group to keep the conversation going and ask questions as they come up – both during and beyond the class.

Each class varies in length, with the average class videos adding up to ~1 hour. The great thing about these videos being on-demand is that you can rewind, pause, and rewatch a previous video when you want to remember that awesome tip you learned. You might decide to watch all the videos in one sitting (#bingelife) or one video per night, week, etc. It’s up to you, your time, and your attention span!

If you’re curious about specifics, please check each respective class page to see the total time for that particular class’ videos.

Each class instructor is a member of the private group you gain access to as a class participant. Class instructors pop in from time to time to answer questions and engage with class participants.

Most of our instructors have also generously offered discounted rates to class attendees for their services if you want to dive deeper into your personal experiences and questions. We also encourage you to follow them on Instagram, where they all post insightful original content!

We know, we know, no one likes homework. Think of our worksheets more as pages in a journal.

Each class has accompanying worksheets that contain relevant evidence-based “assignments” and prompts for you to complete. These reflective exercises help you connect the course material with your unique needs and experiences. Sometimes good old-fashioned pen to paper (or …type to laptop/iPad) can help us dig deep to better understand our bodies and minds.

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